It's almost that time of year again... but we don't mention the C word... not yet anyway, it's only October!! When our merry crew of pirates kind of morph into elves ready to produce, pack and deliver those all important presents so you can spoil your loved ones safe in the knowledge that you're sure to put a smile on their face this year! 

If rum were a person it would be a frivolous and fun-loving seductress, whispering: “I can be anything you want me to be, darling,” in your ear. No other spirit has as many facets. Rum can be light and frothy, spicy and flirtatious, golden and stylish, or dark and mysterious.

Known as bartender's paradise, the renowned London Cocktail Club has crowned Pirate's Grog Five Year as 'Flavour Of The Month'! Head to one of their 11 themed venues, any night this month, to enjoy this wonderful concoction that's sure to have Mr.Kipling requesting the recipe.

Have you been lucky enough to encounter the travelling Pirate's Grog Rum Bar yet? If not, don't panic, as it's easier than ever to get involved. Just dig in to find out upcoming locations, the big news of the new event space for private masterclasses and how you could hire the bar for your very own event. 

The colourful story behind the world’s best tasting rum, Pirate’s Grog, began deep in the jungle of Roatan, by an isolated village named “Hottest Sparrow”. The mystique and history of this island in the Caribbean Sea was the catalyst that spurred two people to fall madly in love and create the intoxicating elixir that became Pirate’s Grog Rum.

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