Avast ye buttoned down land lovers! Here's a bloody cocktail using two different expressions of Pirate's Grog to send you three sheets to the wind!

Time's come again to hoist the Pirate's Grog flag, rinse out your favourite hollowed out enemy's skull and scale the crow's nest to see what booty can be a'plundered on the horizon.

The booty we all seek is the the liquid gold that wouldn't make us pirates unless we wanted it coursing through our scurvy infested veins. We have just the concoction - A Pirate's Bloody Kiss!



This swill starrrrrts with a taste of pure golden rum (as any good drink should!) while the grenadine bleeds down through the rest of the drink. After the initial punch in the face the flavours of the blood orange and pomegranate seep into your soul for a taste that will have your shipmates walking the plank for another! 

The things you'll need to pillage:

bloody pirate ingredents


How terrr do it:

  • Add the Spiced rum, juices and lime to a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously 
  • Strain into ice filled skull
  • Add grenadine and 5yr to the top of the drink
  • Garnish with a freshly sliced Blood Orange slice and pomegranate seeds 


Skullware IS NOT an optional serving device.

Blood Orange juice can be swopped out for the blood of a willing maiden if no outpost stocks the juice... the amount can be adjusted according to taste. 


A pirate ship is a democracy, all views should be heard, so leave yours below...


Sold Out