A Spirited Journey From Cane to Glass: How is Rum Made?

Introduction: Ahoy...

Unveiling the Mystery: Introducing Our New Banana Spiced Rum!

 For days, the rumour mill has churned with anticipation and excitement. Today, we are thrilled to finally reveal the flavor that has been cloaked in mystery is our delicious Banana Spiced Rum! 

Pirate's Grog in The Guardian Newspaper...

Recently Pirate's...

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Enjoy a rum-fuelled Bank Holiday

Enjoy a rum-fuelled Bank Holiday

Get ready to celebrate the Bank Holiday Weekend in style with our delicious Honey Rum Cocktail! Make it into the perfect cocktail by following these steps...

Introducing... The Smokey Reaper Cocktail

If you're looking for a bold and spicy cocktail to try at home, look no further than the Smokey Reaper Cocktail - a drink that would surely impress even the most daring of pirates! 



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