Avast ye buttoned down land lovers! Here's a bloody cocktail using two different expressions of Pirate's Grog, pomegranate and blood orange and is sure to send you three sheets to the wind!

And that's a wrap! The summer event season saw the Pirate's Grog Rum Bar travel from Devon to Yorkshire and everywhere in between, we were blessed by blazing sunshine from start to finish...

Join the crew and work on a range of events this summer. The Pirate’s Grog Rum Bar is a highlight at the UK's top events, so if you're a capable soul looking for a new challenge and have some event management and sales experience, read on...

Ahoy there maties! It's a bit ruddy cold isn't it? We think that must mean it's Rum O'Clock! So now we've cleared that up, here's a nice cockle-warming Christmas cocktail recipe for you all to try. Try to say that quickly after a few...!

It's almost that time of year again... but we don't mention the C word... not yet anyway, it's only October!! When our merry crew of pirates kind of morph into elves ready to produce, pack and deliver those all important presents so you can spoil your loved ones safe in the knowledge that you're sure to put a smile on their face this year! 

If rum were a person it would be a frivolous and fun-loving seductress, whispering: “I can be anything you want me to be, darling,” in your ear. No other spirit has as many facets. Rum can be light and frothy, spicy and flirtatious, golden and stylish, or dark and mysterious.