How to make the perfect rum Old Fashioned

Any true pirate needs to know how to knock up a rum old fashioned! This classic cocktail was first invented somewhere between 1889 and 1895 by Martin Cuneo, for a Kentucky colonel named James E. Pepper who also happened to be a bourbon distiller. 

Recovering Londons nightlife with Covid 19 ongoing

It's fair to say that the nightlife and event industries in the UK have been some of the hardest hit industries in the country from Covid 19, and some businesses still aren't in a position to re-open under the current guidelines (as they lack outdoor and indoor space to facilitate social distancing rules). 

Celebrate Espresso Rumtini Day!

OK, so it's technically Espresso Martini day, but as we all know, any vodka based cocktail made with rum is instantly better! None more so than an Espresso Rumtini with Pirate's Grog's devilishly dangerous Black Ei8ht Coffee Rum. 

Pirate Pornstar Cocktail with Pirate's Grog 5yr Rum

Every week we're going to be sharing with you our favourite Pirate's Grog cocktails and showing you the tricks of the trade, so you can become a home schooled mixologist!

Why don't people invest in Pirates???

This has raised the question whether investors don’t want to invest in pirates??? Having grown a strong business from such humble beginnings, in my mind, should be a massive bonus and show the ability to manage tight budgets and compete against our much richer peers. But it doesn’t really seem to be the case.

Show Some Pirate Love...

That time has come around again. The fervour is palpable, Hallmark is rubbing all of its' 666 corporate hands together and licking its' lips in anticipation...

Luckily for us here at Pirate's Grog, the one way to celebrate that is and shall always remain timeless for all manner of occasions is booze and shmancy cocktails - here are 4 of our favourites.



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