How To Make The Perfect Espresso Rumtini

OK, so it's technically Espresso Martini day, but as we all know, any vodka based cocktail made with rum is instantly better! None more so than an Espresso Rumtini with Pirate's Grog's devilishly dangerous Black Ei8ht Coffee Rum. 

If you visited our rum bar for a pick me up then we've probably seen you propping up the bar with one of our creamy, chocolate delights in hand.

Without further ado, here's our recipe for a: ESPRESSO RUMTINI

Black Ei8ht Coffee Rum with Espresso Rumtini

As summer unfortunately draws to a close, the popularity of this classic drinks always becomes ever more popular in the run(m) into the festive season. 

So today we're going to show you how to make the perfect Espresso Rumtini to impress your partner, friends and colleagues with. 

You will need the following ingredients:

- 75ml Black Ei8ht Coffee Rum

- 25ml Vailla sugar syrup *

- 25ml Fresh Espresso **

* To make vanilla sugar syrup, add one part boiling water, to one part sugar. For example add 250ml of boiling water to 250g sugar and you'll get about 375ml of sugar syrup. Stir continuously until all the sugar has dissolved. Then add a few drops of vanilla essence to the liquid to taste. I recommend using 4 or 5 drops. 

** If you have a coffee machine make a shot of hot espresso and that's all you need. If you don't, you can use any type of fresh coffee instead. 


1. Add all the ingredients to a shaker filled with cubed ice

2. This is the really important bit, get your strainer and martini glass ready. If you have a tea strainer you can use this to double strain for extra creaminess. 

3. Close the shaker and shake like crazy! The harder you shake the more creaminess your drink will have. Once you've shaken it like it's heading into orbit, quickly open the shaker, add your strainer and pour slowly into the glass (if double straining use the second strainer whilst doing this). 

4. Whola, you should have a perfectly creamy, amazing cocktail. 


And that's it. Invite over your friends and impress them with these new skills ;-)

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