The obvious difference is their origin, but there's also difference in the production processes used in the English style 'Rum', the French style 'Rhum' and the Spanish style 'Ron'.

Rum Flambe
Pirate’s Grog works great in cocktails and on the rocks, but have you ever tried adding some to your evening meal…? Cooking with Pirate's Grog certainly releases notes of vanilla, raisin and butterscotch which is great for both sweet and savoury dishes. We have one favourite in mind, perfect for a balmy evening! It's the fluffy creamy gloriousness of a Pirate's Pineapple Flambé...

Pirate's Grog have a sweet solution for coffee loving tongues, especially those craving a little more vice than what a morning cup has to offer... say ahoy to the newest grog galore Black Ei8ht Coffee Rum!



We’ll be taking many a voyage to festivals this summer, so look out for Pirate's Grog! Yet, although rum, sun and festival fun sounds like our perfect cocktail, be aware that it’s not always plain sailing... Whilst music and mates are usually enough to keep you happy, here are a few situations you may get stuck in, where a spot of grog might just be the answer!

Pirate's Grog Events TeamThis summer the Pirate's Grog event team will be out in force serving an array of delicious cocktails at music festivals, food and drink shows, pirate events and more. Covering ground from the south coast of Devon all the way up to sunny Stockton-upon-Tees, make sure you join us for at least one event, for grog n good times! 



Father's Day Gift Ideas

Pirate's Grog Gift Chest
Sunday 19th of June is fast approaching... sounding any canons?
It's Father's Day!
Check out these gift ideas from our journey across the internet, making your quest for the perfect Father's Day gift a little easier!



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