Coffee lovers, like rum lovers, appreciate the great quality offered by boutique and premium brands. From perfecting the roast to making stronger versions of their favourite brews, coffee fans know how to make the perfect brew at home to rival their favourite café offerings.



Similarly, rum drinkers have found ways to take their favourite bar cocktails and make them at home with the world’s best coffee rum, Pirate's Grog Black Ei8ht. So, when the cocktail curators at Pirate’s Grog decided to create the perfect Espresso Rumtini, they faced a challenge. Armed with some of the industry’s finest espresso and, of course, Black Ei8ht Coffee Rum, it was just a matter of time before the perfect drink was crafted.


Pirate’s Grog Espresso Rumtini
25ml Pirate’s Grog Five Year Aged Rum
25ml Pirate's Grog Black Ei8ht Coffee Rum
25ml freshly brewed espresso
25ml simple syrup
Trio of coffee beans for garnish and cocoa powder


1. Add all ingredients except garnishes to a Boston shaker
2. Fill with ice
3. Shake vigorously to blend and chill
4. Double strain into a chilled coupette glass
5. Garnish with coffee beans and a light dusting of cocoa powder
6. Enjoy immediately


So, there you have it, the recipe for The Perfect Espresso Rumtini using Pirate’s Grog Five Year and Pirate's Grog Black Ei8ht Coffee Rum. Serve this cocktail cold anytime for a delicious and refreshing boost of energy.



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