After a summer of voyages, Pirate's Grog will be settling back into the depths of East London at the exciting London Cocktail Week from 3rd - 9th October. Spitalfields Market will be a temporary home to a spectrum of drinks vendors and to add to the excitement, Pirate's Grog are teaming up with the London based 'Department of Coffee and Social Affairs'. There will be premium rum cocktails with a coffee twist, vivacious masterclasses and all round good vibes packed into a hub of taste bud elation...
There's plenty to celebrate at LCW, first off, the extremely popular Black Ei8ht Coffee Rum will premiered to the public. This elixir is made with the original Pirate's Grog recipe and premium Brazilian cold brew coffee, combining the smooth sunshine of Roatán with the dark mystique of the rainforest. Whats more, we will be serving in a real coffee house for a true, sensuously caffeinated experience. We can't think of anything better for a post work perk up complete with music and tasters a-flow of this deliciously smooth liquid.
On this cacao come vanilla come coffee note (you'll understand when you try) if you fancy yourself as a coffee cocktail connoisseur, then Pirate's Grog will be running a Rumtini Masterclass every evening... who said education has to be boring? As a prize for your efforts, you will even be allowed to drink your masterpiece and enjoy the party. However, if you are only popping in- the Pirates will also be doing a special signature serve of the Espresso Rumtini for just £5 per glass.
Classes are just £12 pp and run every evening at 7pm Wednesday 5th - Sunday 9th October - just email to book.
It's pretty loud here on the coffee front- in more news Pirate's Grog recently housed the coffee from the Department of Coffee and Social Affairs in the PG barrels. As a result, they are repaying the favour with a temporary coffeehouse as Pirate's Grog new home! The collaboration  comes in the light of a project called BOLD BREW. The coffee beans rest in the barrel used to house Pirate's Grog No.13. It has been described as an "exceptional brew that is badass, bodacious and bold". Read more about this product HERE!
If this caffeine celebration doesn't take your fancy, sadly tea is not on offer, but there will be plenty of delicious cocktails on offer, including the mouthwatering Long John Rumtini- and free tasting sessions where attendees can sample the multi award winning 5 year aged and 13 year aged rums. Wake up when September ends and come and join the fun, don't be latte!
Click HERE for more information on LCW.



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