It's fair to say that the nightlife and event industries in the UK have been some of the hardest hit industries in the country from Covid 19, and some businesses still aren't in a position to re-open under the current guidelines (as they lack outdoor and indoor space to facilitate social distancing rules). 

As the weeks and months role on, the full effect of the governments measures are having a significant impact on a large amount of people's livelihood and in turn, their mental health. The waterfall effect of this means that musicians, DJs, sound engineers, light and visual engineers, riggers, bartenders, waiters/waitresses are all being put in extremely difficult situations, with limited support, and most of this support is due to cease soon. 

Social Dancing Saves Lives

It's very important that we take this horrible virus seriously but it's also important that we manage the risk to the rest of society, ensuring greater issues don't develop from our mis-handling of the crisis. 

With our office based firmly above two of London's best club venues, we've been very exposed to the troubles and difficulties being experienced by the industry as a whole. They're a great outlet for our rum and promoting Pirate's Grog and in turn we do what we can to support them. 

Fortunately our neighbours at Costa Del Tottenham and Grow Tottenham have a decent amount of outdoor space, and being based in Haringey, they have an understanding and supportive council that's helped ensure the changeover from indoor venues to outdoor venues during the lockdown period has been as smooth as possible. 

The aptly named "Costa Del Tottenham", due to it's brightly coloured framework and imported, freeze dried palm trees, is experiencing a very necessary and welcome boom after being shut for what was becoming a worrying amount of time. It's extremely important that people have a place to socialise and enjoy music safely, whilst we wait for a solution that can end the pandemic and Costa Del Tottenham is filling that void nicely (also putting money in the pocket of creatives who need work more than ever at the moment). 

Costa Del Tottenham Book A Table

Nights that used to be hosted at the Cause nightclub, such as London's biggest gay night Adonis, have been able to restructure their format into daytime outdoor parties, such as hosting drag parties which have received amazing reviews. 

DnB Big BBQ Brunch, with all you can drink Pirate's Grog Rum, and the Open Air Live series with 'real life' bands playing outside every Wednesday have injected a much needed release for many people in our community and all have been run safely, maintaining social distancing rules. 

Costa Del Tottenham Lineup

This is a difficult time for everyone so it's important we all look after each other the best way we can and also respect the different difficulties and challenges this has brought each person. Everyone's priorities are different, from people wanting to put food on the table and trying to avoid additional personal debt and mental health issues, to people wanting to protect their elderly relatives from this deadly disease. Nobodies plight is more important than the next person's and it's important we maintain respect and humility for everyone of our neighbours. 

If you've been looking for a safe way to let off some steam and enjoy some great rum cocktails with your friends then here's a list of some of the highlights coming up in the next few weeks:

Weds, 9th Sep: Open Air Live Series: Sambroso Cuban All Stars + Yanet Fuentes

Fri, 11th Sep: Baby Rollén & Gallegos 'Along The River EP' Launch with special guest Desert Sound Colony in The Yard at Costa Del Southside

Sat, 12th Sep: The Cause presents Nabihah Iqbal and Heels & Souls on The Terrace at Costa Del Tottenham Southside

Fri 18th Sep: The Random Shiz Quiz Presented By The Provibers In The Beer Hall At Costa Del Tottenham Northside

Sat 19th Sep: Ejeca, DJ Barley Legal Aad Frankel & Harper On The Terrace At Costa Del Tottenham Southside

View the full event listing here: Costa Del Tottenham Events

And as always your can drink your favourite Pirate's Grog cocktails everyday of the week including the Pirate Pornstar, Mojito, Dark n Stormy and frozen Pina Colada at Costa Del Tottenham! 



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