The obvious difference is their origin, but there's also difference in the production processes used in the English style 'Rum', the French style 'Rhum' and the Spanish style 'Ron'.



The Rum, is a traditional rum, made with molasses and tends to release more vivid, spiced, and heavy notes.  

The Rhum, recognised as 'Rhum Agricole' is made with pure sugar cane juice. It provides it floral and fruity notes.

The Ron, is also made by fermenting molasses and thus has similar characteristics to 'Rum', but tends to offer a slightly lighter and smoother flavour profile. This is true of many Central American rums including Pirate's Grog.

Both Pirate’s Grog Five Year and Pirate’s Grog No.13 have a natural sweetness from the molasses and an exceptionally smooth finish.



The UK's Best Aged Rum - Pirate's Grog No.13


The French style Rhum can be found on the islands of the French Caribbean such as Martinique, Guadeloupe, French Guyana, the English Style Rum is made in English Islands such as British Guyana or Trinidad & Tobago.

Due to a particular historical context, French and English style rums can also originate from the South East of the Indian Ocean, in Mauritius (Indeed, it was a French colony and then became an English colony).

The Spanish style Ron is prepared in areas such as Honduras, Panama, Cuba and Nicaragua.

So which style will you be drinking tonight?



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by Chip & Judi Anderson

Awesome explanation! We are rum (rhum, ron snobs, but were missing that little piece of info!!) thanks for the clarity!! Love the map, is it available to purchase?


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