Pirate’s Grog works great in cocktails and on the rocks, but have you ever tried adding some to your evening meal…? Cooking with Pirate's Grog certainly releases notes of vanilla, raisin and butterscotch which is great for both sweet and savoury dishes. We have one favourite in mind, perfect for a balmy evening! It's the fluffy creamy gloriousness of a Pirate's Pineapple Flambé...
You'll need:

20cl Single Cream
20cl Icing Sugar
7cl Pirate's Grog Rum
1 Ripe, Large Pineapple
25g Butter
1tsp of Curcuma
2tsp of Brown Sugar
3cl of Pirate's Grog Rum 
4cl Orange Juice

1. Mix together the cream, icing sugar and Pirate's Grog Rum, and blend until fluffy. Place the mix in the fridge.

2. Peel the pineapple and cut into cubes. In a pan, heat the butter and brown the sugar. Let it cook for a few minutes whilst stirring regularly, then add the sugar and allow it to caramelise. Flambé in the Pirate's Grog Rum (be careful with the flame!) and add the orange juice.

3. Reduce the heat a little to serve it warm. Voilà! You're ready to enjoy your Pirate's Pineapple with cream! A glass of Pirate's Grog Rum on the rocks compliments this just perfectly and will sail you into the evening with a smile on your face!


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