It’s that time of year again, festival season is upon us, and we've been thinking about how to keep refreshed during these summer months! It's fun, magic and mischief: a festival in a bottle, so much so that it inspired us to run a dedicated rum and music festival in it's in honour, RUMBELLION!

Rumbellion Festival

We’ll be taking many a voyage to festivals this summer, so look out for Pirate's Grog! Yet, although rum, sun and festival fun sounds like our perfect cocktail, be aware that it’s not always plain sailing... Whilst music and mates are usually enough to keep you happy, here are a few situations you may get stuck in, where a spot of grog might just be the answer!


Luggage Weight: It's the moment where you pick up your rucksack, you grimace and suddenly repressed memories from your Duke of Edinburgh expedition flash before your eyes. Only this time, your camping stove is replaced by three crates of cider and lager. That little whisper in your head of "its too heavy" is absolutely right. Get them back in the fridge ready for your Auntie's BBQ next fortnight and decant some original, 5 year aged golden rum into a plastic bottle (glass is usually forbidden), this way its lighter, more practical and much less likely to drop off your makeshift wheelbarrow into a muddy puddle of despair.

Wheel barrow problems


Hot, Sweaty Mornings:  You may wake up to the sounds of sleeping bag struggles and groaning, us British can't help it, people will state that it is too warm and you will smell the scent of sun cream from the panic-stricken burners scrambling around for their sunhat. This situation can be saved by making a fresh, luscious midday rum punch, a Pirate's Grog favourite. Pour the Rum, orange juice, mango and a splash of grenadine into a jug. It makes a refreshing sharer and will have you skipping down to the first set of the day. Or just buy a pitcher of ice cold punch from your nearest Pirate’s Grog bar! Top tip: if you have the time, a little hole in the earth will keep your bottle of OJ lovely and cold!

Pirate's Grog Rum Punch


Rain: Turns out that £30 rain jacket isn't so waterproof after all and the plastic purple poncho makes you feel like a quality street wrapper. There's nothing you can do to stop the rain, just embrace it and keep a smile on your glittery little face! But one thing that can help with the smile is a flask of rum! Pull it out of your filthy brown wellington and add some fire to your belly. The great thing about rum is that is great in rain or shine! So party like a real pirate, it's only a bit of water!


Hangover: You can't remember the time you got back last night but you do have some recollection of a difficult encounter with a guy rope and that would explain why your knees are caked in mud. You can't get back to sleep because the sun is back again and your annoyingly perky friend has just reminded you that the band you promised you would catch is on in half an hour. This is a situation, but do not fear, Black Ei8ht Coffee Rum will fight your groggy head! This coffee infusion with Pirate’s Grog 5 year rum makes for a jovial twist to your morning caffeine. It's cold brewed and silky smooth and the chocolate, vanilla tones will cancel our whatever curry it was that seems to be lingering around your mouth from last night. Alas, you will be awake again! This delightful combination of premium drinks is deserved when in this state, treat your future sorry self.  But, if coffee isn't for you, keep it simple with a Pirate's Grog and Tropical Red Bull, eat your cereal bar and have an amazing day.

Pirate's Grog and Tropical Redbull


In the next few weeks we would love to catch up with you and your festival friends, if you’re at...


SHUFFLE FESTIVAL: Look out for us soaking up the art, culture and cinema at Shuffle Festival
9th July 2016


SECRET GARDEN PARTY: If you're going to be frolicking in the sunflowers at Secret Garden Party, do stop by the Pirate's Grog Rum Bar!
July 2016


STANDON CALLING: If you’re going to Standon Calling, we can't wait to get involved in the Myths & Legends of the Lost Sea theme with you all! Plus, if you're keen to learn how to make the perfect Espresso Rumtini, come along to the master class!
29th-31st July 2016


V FEST: Catch us for a cocktail at the Green Yurt Campsite, V Festival (Essex)
20th-21st August 2016


BOOMTOWN: We're making an appearance at Boomtown, so keep your eye out for Pirates!
11th- 14th August 2016





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