How To Make The Perfect

Rum Old Fashioned

Any true pirate needs to know how to knock up a rum old fashioned! This classic cocktail was first invented somewhere between 1889 and 1895 by Martin Cuneo, for a Kentucky colonel named James E. Pepper who also happened to be a bourbon distiller. 

It's a strong, short drink that is hugely popular among drinkers who often prefer their spirits neat, as it maintains a strong sense of flavour from the original spirit with the bitters and sugar syrup spicing up the original taste into something quite supremely special.

No.13 Rum Old Fashioned Recipe

At the Pirate's Grog traveling rum bar the cocktail has been a staple with a solid 10ltr's of the cocktail sat on top of the bar in an oak barrel ready to be served to all our thirsty customers.  Leaving the cocktail in an oak barrel adds an extra woodiness to the flavour and also helps marry the ingredients together, so the flavour is more consistent. 

So you may be asking yourself, but what do I require to make this fine beverage good sir?

CharityKase With Pirate's Grog

Well let's have a look here:

50ml of Pirate's Grog No.13 or Pirate's Grog 5yr

5ml of Pedro Ximenez Sherry

15 - 25ml of vanilla sugar syrup*

3 dashes chocolate bitters

3 dashes orange bitters 

1 piece of orange peel

*Vanilla sugar syrup can be made by mixing 1 part boiling hot water with 1 part sugar and adding a few drops of vanilla essence. 

**All items can be found on Amazon or most spirit websites. 

1. If you have a low ball glass, this is the perfect one to use for a rum old fashioned cocktail. Firstly add a couple of large ice cubes into the glass.

2. Add the rum (you can use No.13 for a richer taste or 5yr for a lighter taste).

3. Add the PX Sherry, sugar syrup and both bitters to the glass. 

4. Stir the ingredients around the glass, keeping the spoon against the edge of the glass. 

5. Bend the orange peel over the glass to release some fragrance and then rub the peel around the edge of the glass. Finally twist and burn the peel slightly, using a lighter, and place it on the edge of the glass to garnish. 

And there you are, another pirate's favourite to add to your collection. 

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