Pirate's Grog have a sweet solution for coffee loving tongues, especially those craving a little more vice than what a morning cup has to offer... say ahoy to the newest grog galore Black Ei8ht Coffee Rum!
Made up of original golden Pirate's Grog and premium Brazilian Coffee Beans, Black Ei8ht combines the smooth sunshine of Roatán with the dark mystique of the rainforest. Blending 5 year aged rum with coffee and cold brewing it for 24 hours makes for a premium cohesion.
Pirate's Grog Black Ei8ht Coffee Rum
Not only is the drink highly anticipated, so is the bottle. Black Ei8ht will be the newest rococo model to grace the Grog family of award winning designs, with its gold leaf lettering and satisfying shape, it feels as though you've picked up some rather special loot when you grab it from the shelf - see for yourself at retailers such as Harvey Nichols, or order it straight to your doorstep from our website, or
Why Black Ei8ht you may ask? Black Ei8ht follows its predecessors as an imaginative drink and this potion in particular plays on the enchantment of the number 8, echoing the no.13 and 5 year counterparts. Not to mention, pirates suspect this elixir to be the 8th wonder of the world.
The liquor drips in perfect balanced alchemy and can be enjoyed straight over ice, as a digestif or as a cocktail, in particular silky expresso rumtini! The late August BBQ opportunities are endless. Expect to see Black Ei8ght given as a first-class gift, sitting sultry on the shelves of a bar nearby or at an event near you! After already docking at TASTE, Secret Garden Party and Standon Calling, Pirate's Grog Black Ei8ht adventure is only just beginning!

Espresso Rumtini on tap with Black Ei8ht Coffee Rum


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