Sunday 19th of June is fast approaching... sounding any canons?
It's Father's Day!
Check out these gift ideas from our journey across the internet, making your quest for the perfect Father's Day gift a little easier!
1. For the Foodies
If you have a free Sunday, why not do something extra special and have a little gathering? With the summer dawning, get the BBQ aflame and consider cooking some Island Cuisine, all in the name of Dad! have a vibrant array of recipes to suit all cooking abilities, check out Cuban Style Sea Bass if you want to impress, or keep it simple with a Caribbean curry.
2. For the Boozers
Don't forget music and liquor! (Panama hats and cigars are optional). If you have forgotten his favourite band, Spotify does a classic cheesy playlist: 'Songs For Dad'... and with this cuisine, Pirate's Grog Rum is a match made in heaven. Enjoy over ice or mix it into a refreshing 'Golden Pistol' (40ml Grog, Ginger Ale, Ice and Lime). And voila! This definitely beats a take-out!
Pirate's Grog Golden Pistol
3. For a Day to Remember
Is your Dad still a kid on the inside? We know the type! A good shout for these kind of Pops would be an experience day. Virgin experience days include scenic fishing, taking 'lords tea on the lawn' and paragliding. If your Dad fancies himself as a bit of a Bond, then check out the car experience section. If he's into his sports, then you'll be spoiled for choice... at the moment, a Stadium Tour of Manchester United Football Club is just £18 for two people! (Great if your Dad is a Red Devil, maybe steer clear otherwise!)
4. For the Green Fingers
This Father's Day, tell your Dad that he is the “Bees Knees” by complimenting his garden with a handmade hamper of seeds and treats. It's the season for it, and the Bees need all the help they can get! 'Bee Friendly Seeds' have a great range of wildflower seed packets, all the rage with the Titchmarsh types. Otherwise, you could pick up a little lavender plant at your local garden centre, the bees will have a field day. Also, M&S boast an elegant bee and insect house at £17.50. This classic birdhouse design would be at home in any garden.
5. For the Music Lover
James Brown once said that Papa's got a brand new flag... or was it bag!? Anyway, a personalised flag would be great if your Dad's into music festivals or chilling on the beach. He will be spotted a mile off with his very own flag, no losing Dad in the crowd! Ideas for print include; band pictures, album covers, or even your family pet! Try
6. For A Real Treasure
Does a good read and a bespoke bottle of rum sound like your Dad?
Consider a 'bootyful' rum gift set from Pirate's Grog and tell him that he's the best captain around!
The set includes;
* 700ml of Pirate's Grog Rum, aged 5 years in American oak and blended in small batches on the Caribbean Island of Roatán (famed for its pirate history!) Bursting with flavours of vanilla, butterscotch and raisin and an exceptionally smooth finish.
* A wooden chest featuring a unique world map design and the book And A Bottle of Rum by Wayne Curtis which tells the raucously entertaining story of life on the rich and often dangerous shores of Caribbean Islands during the 1700s.
*A personalised message from you, on wax sealed parchment paper.
If these Father's Day gifts don't suffice, stay classic; a pair of socks and a Toblerone should do the trick. Oh and not forgetting, a good hug! Have a great Father's Day!


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