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Only the freshest ingredients are used to make these premium ready-to-drink cocktails. All cocktails are gluten-free, vegan and are best served shaken with ice.

Choose from:

- Tropical Rum Punch

Pirate's Grog 5 year & white Rum, pineapple, orange, banana, passion fruit, lime, hibiscus, cinnamon, vanilla and soda. A real blend of all things tropical, using true Caribbean vibes to create a tropical punch that is full of flavour.

- Mojito

Pirate’s Grog white Rum infused with fresh mint, lime juice, sugar and soda .The mint smacks you in the face and on the taste buds with this banger of a cocktail. Carbonated to bring that extra pop of flavour, this cocktail uses fresh ingredients to give you that true Mojito experience.

- Blood Orange Spritz

58 & Co Gin, Luxardo Aperitivo, blood orange, rhubarb and soda

A twist on one of the world's biggest-selling cocktails, using the oldest family-owned distillery in the world, Luxardo and the UK’s leading sustainable distillery, 58 & Co. A well-balanced sweet bitter cocktail that brings summer all year round.

- Paloma

Rooster Rojo blanco Tequila, pink grapefruit, lime, sugar, salt and soda. The Don of tequila cocktails, it's sweet, sour, bitter and salty.


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Started in 2015 serving the world’s first Espresso Martini on Tap, hitting up the UK festival scene. 

Quickly grew to become one of the UK’s premium draught cocktail producers teaming up with some of London’s best independent craft distilleries. 

Co-creators of the now famous and delicious Black Ei8ht Coffee Rum Liqueur.

Moved from Cocktails on Tap to the RTD canned market in 2021. The canned cocktail market is the fastest-growing market in the drinks industry since covid.


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