It was almost 6yrs ago that Pirate's Grog began its life with a tiny budget of just £5000 and a team that lacked industry experience, contracts or money. However the one thing that was in absolute abundance was ambition, drive and a desire to do things our own way. 

It's been an amazing pirate adventure... controversy, rum, travel, parties and a potential bounty that would get any true pirate excited! We've hosted some raucous parties over the years and been blessed to meet all the incredible people that have graced us with their time, by visiting our travelling rum bar at events like Taste Of London, The Big Feastival, Secret Garden Party, Noisily, Standon Calling as well as our festival Rumbellion, the first dedicated rum and music festival in the UK back in 2015! Unfortunately, we won't be seeing any of your beautiful faces this year but the crew wanted to reach out and say how much we miss partying with you all and we'll be seeing you in a field again soon enough!


The Covid 19 situation has had a crazy effect on businesses around the world, and ours is no different. Prior to the lockdown we were working hard to acquire an investor to help propel us to the next level. However we’ve found the whole experience a bit of a strange one. It’s an industry full of brands with deep pockets, spending big to become the next “big thing”. Most have raised substantial funds from private investors or had investment from one of the big boys such as Diageo or Pernod Ricard. For some reason we’ve just not been able to nail down an investor, even though we’re totally self-funded and profitable, unlike many of our rivals.... go figure.

This has raised the question whether investors don’t want to invest in pirates??? Having grown a strong business from such humble beginnings, in my mind, should be a massive bonus and show the ability to manage tight budgets and compete against our much richer peers. But it doesn’t really seem to be the case. It’s hard to tell what the situation really is and why investors have been put off by our business, but fortunately for us, the increase in online sales during the lockdown has meant we’ve been able to invest in new machinery and equipment and hire some new faces, all self funded.


Pirate's Grog Rum Bottles

There’s definite pride in being able to succeed without financial help as you're able to do it all on your own terms, I mean it’s the pirate way after all. I’m immensely proud of our team, and how far we’ve come. We have a lot of new things in the pipeline that we're looking forward to sharing with you over the coming months, but in meantime, if you were planning on visiting us this year, at an event or festival, then please pop over to our website and pick up one of our award winning rums. Your support over the years has been incredible and we literally couldn’t have made it this far without all of our amazing, positive and helpful fans. Use code BOOTY10 for 10% off, and make sure your stocked up for summer :-)

Let us know your thoughts in the comments and if you have any questions about our business and how we operate - we're always keen to share ;-)


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by Rheo

Crowdfund, I’d invest.

by Dave Wallwork

Guys – you’re smashing it – keep true, keep growing and keep smashing the events & building the grassroots love when the events come back. You have an amazing brand name, cracking products and a brilliant team. If you keep building and keep the brand honest you either get where you want without investors or get big enough they’ll come to you. Much love. Dave & the Freya team.

by Richy

I would love to buy shares in your company love the rum yours r Crawford

by Vicky fleetwood

What sort of investment are you looking for ?

by Richard

Any chance you’ve snagged a US distributor as yet…I’ve touched base before but thought I’d see if there were any recent updates. As an old Canuck stuck south of the border I’m still more than willing to support pirates…LMAO! Best wishes, health, and safety to all there and their families too.

by Katie Broadhead

Hello me hearties !
I’m new to piratesgrog ( please forgive me )
I recently purchased a minature gift set for my son , who loved it !
Can I just say how wonderful it is to read your blog re investment
As owners of a small but incredible grass roots music venue, I fully understand how hard it is to compete with the big corporate machines
I applaud all your efforts and I wish you all the best in the future
Kate from Percy’s cafe bar


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